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The Last Bite”

Edible Aspen, Summer 2012

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As I sipped the 2009 Bacia Bianca, a Chardonnay blend, I sampled the chutneys from

Maison de Ferme.  There was the Persian-Inspired Savory Rose Jam and the Gravenstein Apple and Jalapeno which both had a wonderfully powerful bite and a nice compliment to the Bacia Bianca.  Gioia 2008 Pinot Noir was a light and softer pinot, and paired with the curry-spiced chocolate.”

-Cori Solomon, L.A. Epicurean Travel Writer,

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These natural patterns in the wood inspire Lauren’s whimsical burned-in drawings that themselves depict nature, mythology, and an implicitly pagan spirituality.  Principally a professional photographer, Lauren’s wood-burned artwork is, at least in part, an environmental statement — namely, that there is both beauty and value in what she calls nature’s “resplendent waste.” Her wood burnings have shown in various galleries since 2008, and in 2009, she decided to begin finishing specific pieces as cheese boards.”

-David Newhoff, Online Editor, Culture: The Word on Cheese

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Also along with their libations Gioia Wines had some amazing food products that you will soon be able to get on their website. Created by Lauren Berley, Maison de Ferme offers such magical tastings as Herbs de Provence Chocolate and Apple Chutney.”

- Kat, The Edible Skinny

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